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  • e-Procurement facilitates online tender processing.
  • The portal provides various information such schedule. timings, opening & closing dates, status etc.
  • The portal has an archive of past tenders.
  • The portal allows to download tender schedule free of cost and submit the bids online.


The e-Procurement System is a platform which enables the tendering process to be facilitated online. The e-Procurement portal gives one information on the schedule, timing, opening date, closing date, location, status and any other information or announcement related to tenders. It also has an archive of all the past tenders. The e-Procurement system is time-saving and enables the tenderers to download the tender schedule free of cost and submit the bids online through this portal, making the tendering process simple. Online Portal: Assam Tenders

How to apply:

  • To visit the online portal, click here
  • To download tender creation data sheet, e-brochure etc, click here

Type of Service:

 Online: Yes


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