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Government Of Assam Information Technology

State e-Governance Mission Team (SeMT)

The State e-Governance Mission Team is responsible for the groundwork of providing an overall direction, standardization and consistency in the e-governance initiatives of the State or UT through Programme Management. They undertake strategic planning, provide project consultancy, project developmental support and guidance.

Apart from the core and day to day operations, the work of SeMT can be further defined under the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Consultancy and Implementation
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Facilitate the Setting Up of PeMTs

SeMT acts as an advisory body to all Mission Mode Projects (MMP) and works closely with them, helping the line departments to implement these MMPs. They do so by creating a department level e-governance road map. Each state has their SeMT headed by a Principal Consultant/ Head, who has various teams under his management looking after these major functions.

  • Programme Management - This team provides support to the State Government for the implementation of NeGP in the State. They monitor the progress on NeGP and provide inputs to the State Apex Committee for effective decision making, if and when needed.
  • Financial Management - This team helps the State departments in establishing suitable financial management processes like viability, costing, accounting, budgeting and monitoring for the e-Governance projects. They are also responsible for providing support to the State in matters related to PPP, contracts, vendor management and other related activities.
  • Technology Management - This team assists and supports the State departments on technological issues related to MMPs and other e- Governance projects. They are also responsible for technological appraisal of project reports received from state departments.
  • Change Management - This team directs the implementation of Capacity Building scheme in the State as well as assists the State in carrying out business process transformation exercises entailing efficiency improvements for the e-Governance projects.